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Transform Any Desk into a Sit-Stand Desk

Transform your existing desk into an active sit-stand workstation with FlexiSpot desk risers. All of our risers allow you to easily adjust your desktop to a level that perfectly suits you, supporting a healthier, happier workspace.


Switch from sitting to standing with ease

It takes little effort to transition from sitting to standing — even with the maximum 16 kgs desktop load. Just lightly squeeze the single hand bar and lift using only 6 kgs of force. Lowering requires just 1.4 kgs of force.


Fits most people's height

Placing ClassicRiser on a 28'' high desk will accommodate users up to 6'1'' tall. Placing ClassicRiser on a 31'' high desk will accommodate users up to 6'5'' tall.

Extra-wide removable keyboard tray

Offers ample space for a full-sized keyboard, mouse and mousepad while also providing adequate room for healthy wrist positioning.


Space-saving vertical adjustments

Saving valuable space in your workstation and offering better stabilization when lifting and lowering.Taking up extra space in your workstation and increasing the likelihood they might topple forward.

Improve your posture while you work

Whether standing up or sitting down, you’ll find that every detail of the ClassicRiser is designed to prevent slouching and help you maintain a comfortable and ergonomically correct posture.



Rigorous performance testing

Our sit-stand desktop workstations have undergone extensive fatigue tests – sustaining more than 6,000 back-to-back height adjustments. That means you can confidently switch from sitting to standing as often as you like for years to come

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